Where would you keep your belongings on a nice beach day out?

Trust SEMBOX to keep them safe - let & go

Without any hassle - easy and safe


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SEMBOX is a security code safe, does not use a key or a magnetic card.
The code is personalised for each client and the owner has a master unlock code.
It is made of extremely robust engineering plastic with UV protection.
Its volume is 11.5 liters, weighs 2050 grams, is mounted on pylons from Ф 25 to Ф 100 mm.
The mechanism by which it is mounted allows the safe to rotate around the pole for greater convenience.

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The SEMBOX round design makes it ideal for use as a mini-bar.
Beverages, ashtrays, books can be placed on it and can easily be positioned in a comfortable position for the customer.
Besides a luxurious and innovative accessory, SEMBOX is also an ideal place to advertise. Any advertising logos can be placed on its surfaces, it can be branded entirely at the customer’s request.