Gomastit Aqua Flex Liquid






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Gomastit Aqua Flex Liquid


MS-hybrid liquid sealant

Self-levelling construction seal for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Does not contain tin, phthalate, solvent, isocyanate and bitumen. Based on silane modified polymers. Suitable for direct contact with bitumen.

Product advantages

One component
Ready to use, no mixing required
Long processing time
Wide adhesion range
Suitable for direct contact with bituminous substrate
Permanently elastic
Very good sealing properties
Dimensionally stable, no flowing on inclined surfaces
Gap and crack bridging
Excellent weather resistance and durability
Non-corrosive on surfaces
Chemical neutral polymerisation
Very low emission
Free of tin, phthalate, solvents, isocyanates and bitumen


Coating of large horizontal surfaces, foundations, floor slabs.
Repair and maintenance of flexible roof, waterproofing seals,
including those with bitumen. Repair and strengthening of
existing waterproofing systems. Sealing and repair of
connections, such as: chimneys, skylights, transitions and
connections across the flat roof. Gutter and downspout repair.
Large-area sealing and protection of vertical surfaces. Pouring of
horizontal movement joints.

Substrate range

Suitable materials are metals, powder-coated, varnished,
galvanised, anodised, chromed or hot zinc dipped surfaces,
various plastics, ceramics, stone, concrete and wood. Due to the
large variety of different plastics and compositions as well as
materials which are susceptible to cracks, preliminary tests are

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